Solar bilge pump

Automatic solar rechargeable bilge pump with time delay

This compact, self-contained Solar Bilge Pump lives in the bottom of a dinghy or other small craft. A float switch inside the unit detects incoming rain water. The pump will then activate and will discharge the water through the ¾ inch discharge outlet. Connected to the outlet is a drain hose which is ran overboard. The unit has a unique time delay feature to keep the pump running after the float switch turns off which maximizes the amount of water removed from the dinghy. There is also a test / run switch on the side of the enclosure. 

There is a 2 watt solar panel mounted to the top of the enclosure in order to keep the interior battery charged and at peak condition when exposed to sunlight.



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Unboxing of the solar rechargeable bilge pump

operation of the solar rechargeable bilge pump

installation of the solar rechargeable bilge pump 

Adjusting the Time Delay of the solar rechargeable bilge pump